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Vintage Aircraft Nose Art
As one of the Top aircraft nose art specialist in the country, Gary Velasco takes great pride and painstaking strides to accurately Hand paint in period oil-bsed enamels (Not acrylics!!) render historical markings as to preserve and teach future generations of the enormous risks taken by pilots and crews.

Artist/Author/Musician.I run a small company that specializes in replicating and producing the Finest nose art products panels on aluminum to resemble a piece of skin from the plane from small scale to 12 Foot Full scale Hull sections. Customs taylored to fit any budget, we've been doing this for over 20 years.

With over 15 dealers world wide and in the top museums from Smithsonian on down, we are THE only company of its kind commercially in the world! I have also painted nose art on dozens of actual flying and static high profile WarBirds. In 2004 I released my first book on the subject for Turner Publishing and is available through my company site and all major book retailers. Two other follow up volumes are in the works. [ home ]

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