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Aero Charting v1.2: free download brings user-defined waypoints, graphical route creation, and flight track recorder to nav App
Sherwood, OR—June 3, 2019—Eagle Cap Software introduces Aero Charting version 1.2, packed with enhanced routing capabilities:
• User-defined waypoints enable the pilot to save their favorite locations on the map for sightseeing, turns around a point or the perfect cross-country flight.
• Drag and drop route creation and editing allows the pilot to tap on a favorite airport, navaid or user-defined waypoint to quickly build routes on the map. In addition, route edits are made easy by dragging the route line to any airport, navaid or user defined waypoint with the help of a magnifying glass.
• Enroute flight track recorder tracks the actual flight path of the aircraft and will save and display it after the flight to help improve ground reference maneuvers or see how well that instrument approach was flown.
Brian Leutschaft, Program Manager - Eagle Cap Software, says, "Our team of pilots and technologists is rapidly adding capabilities to Aero Charting, the newest simple and easy-to-use aviation moving map available. Version 1.2 adds powerful capabilities that include: user defined waypoints, graphical route creation/editing and an enroute flight track recorder. We continue to build an increasingly useful set of features." Leutschaft continued, "These enhancements keep improving Aero Charting – and," he reminds us, "it's still a free download."
Price & availability:
The Aero Charting app is a free download.
Optional chart coverage pricing is as follows:
 Vector aeronautical charts and the application are always free!
 12-month IFR Enroute Chart subscription ($49)
 12-month VFR Sectional Chart subscription ($49)
 Bundle of both subscriptions ($69), plus ad removal
About Eagle Cap Software
Eagle Cap Software designs, integrates and builds custom aviation software solutions. Find out more at
Aero Charting is built using Eagle Cap’s Aeronautical Charting Service (ACS) and Data Delivery Service (DDS) products. Both components enabled the rapid development of Aero Charting. ACS provides the ability for application developers to add aviation data layers to their products. DDS enables data management for mobile applications including transferring, tracking, and updating data. Both components are available to license.
Aero Charting is available only on the iPad.
More about Aero Charting
Apple Store link
FOR MORE INFORMATION, including high-resolution images, PLEASE CONTACT:
Brian Leutschaft, Product Manager
(503) 951-9817
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