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Lancair’s new 2-seat Barracuda displayed at Florida’s Sun ‘N’ Fun 2019
Lakeland, FL – April 5, 2019: The latest aircraft innovation from Lancair is the Barracuda - a 2-seat “little brother” to the groundbreaking Mako. The first Barracuda, N380L, built by first-time Lancair builder Wade Marcantonio, is now on display at Lancair's Sun N Fun exhibit #MD-23B.
“Establishing a new standard for value, Barracuda offers high performance, operational economy and Lancair’s trademark aerodynamic style in a cost-effective package for two We’ve taken the Lancair's design legacy and the best features of the Mako and created an entry-level Lancair for the pilot who wants maximum performance with a minimum investment of build time and budget. We’re expecting Barracuda to be a new leader in the 2-seater performance market.”
- Lancair President Conrad Huffstutler

Providing exceptional value in a 2-place composite aircraft, Barracuda’s sleek design has been developed from the classic Lancair Legacy. The innovative ‘auto-retracting’ nose gear from the Mako adds 10-12 knots to the aircraft's cruise speed by 'cleaning up' the turbulent slipstream behind the propeller. The nose gear is operated by a fully automatic retraction/extension system that requires no action by the pilot. Numerous options will be available to customize the aircraft to the owner’s budget and mission needs.
Inside the cabin, the Barracuda offers a capable and affordable avionics package, typically based on the popular Garmin G3X Touch and GTN-750 components. Barracuda will feature a wide range of options, such as a Carbon build, EFII, Starflight mods and other engines. Other options include freon air conditioning, full de-ice protection and more.

With the standard Lycoming IO-390 4-cylinder engine putting out 210 hp, Barracuda offers highly competitive performance and excellent handling throughout the flight envelope. Cruise speed of over 200 mph and fuel consumption of 10 to 12 gph are expected, along with excellent climb rate, range and useful load. With the "speed wing" option and 310 horsepower Continental IO-550-N powerplant, the aircraft cruises at over 220 knots at 14-16 gph. Barracuda pricing starts around $175,000 for a complete kit, including airframe, engine, propeller and avionics.
Lancair's renowned Builder Assist Program is available to help buyers rapidly advance their aircraft to completion. Conducted at our Uvalde, TX factory, the program allows new owners to completely close out critical airframe structures, providing fixtures, supplies and one-on-one training and support. Lancair’s basic 2 week Builder Assistance program is included with every sale. A fully completed “Fly-Away” aircraft program is also available for an additional cost.

Lancair presents a 2019 update on the company and products. Andrew Findlay, winner of the 2018 Sports Class Gold Race at Reno will make a special presentation about flying a 400 mph Lancair!

Visit Lancair at Sun N Fun exhibit #MD-23B or online at for more information.

About the Builder
The very first Barracuda has been built by first-time Lancair Builder Wade Marcantonio, with the help of Lancair’s renowned Builder Assist Program. A truly multifaceted engineer, Wade holds a BA in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M and is a Certified Solidworks Professional. His background includes extensive design and fabrication work in FormulaSAE racing, as well as working as a racing instructor and driver. He has also operated a CNC machining business, partnered in a trailer manufacturing project and continues to modify and hotrod street and racing cars.
More recently, Wade has begun applying his “hands-on talents” to the composite technology underlying Lancair’s high-performance aircraft.

About Lancair
Lancair International has been manufacturing advanced composite aircraft structures for more than three decades, and has established proprietary relationships with hand-selected vendors in the USA, Europe, Australia and South Africa. Lancair’s class-leading aircraft hold nearly 100 speed, endurance and altitude records around the world. Their innovative high-performance designs almost single-handedly spawned the “Sport Class” Race Division at the annual Reno Air Races, where Lancair models have won more than 50 times!

Worldwide, Lancairs are owned and operated in 34 countries on 5 continents. There have been more than 2,200 Lancair kits sold around the world. Over a thousand owners are flying various Lancair airplane models, with tens of thousands of flight hours logged. Lancair continues to promote the highest standards of safety and innovation in the industry. [ home ]

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