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Schweiss Liftstrap conversion kit is available for your tired old hangar door
One of the most frequent requests that Schweiss Doors receives is to convert other door manufacturers outdated cable lift systems to a Schweiss Bifold liftstrap retrofit conversion.
Schweiss Doors has been selling many strap conversions for those who want to modernize their bifold doors and we provide an easy to understand do-it-yourself instruction kit for installation; or in some cases our Schweiss Door installation teams can do the retrofit for you.
Liftstraps Give More Lifting Ability
For years, bifold doors have been lifted and lowered by the conventional means of steel cables. Schweiss revolutionized this process with the invention of its patented liftstraps.
The strength-to-weight ratio on the straps is 29,000 lbs. tensile strength, compared to a 1/4 inch cable which only gives you a 7,200 lb. rating. They vastly outlast cables and you no longer have cables or pulleys to adjust. Schweiss liftstraps never rust, tangle or overwrap and are guaranteed for 10 years. As your bifold door opens, liftstraps wrap around the lift drum causing your door to open faster.
Liftstrap doors can be ordered with autolatches and remote openers, so with just a push of a button your bifold hangar door is automatically secure, sealed tight from weather, water and wind.
Cables Are The Old Way
Schweiss’s excellent success with the new Lift Straps has revolutionized the door industry. So why bother with cables? Everyone knows cables have a tendency to fray over time; frayed cables can break.
Cables also require more servicing, are hard to work with and difficult to replace. Replacing cables with more cables is a timely and costly expense and can be a real safety issue if the cables are not kept in good condition.
To learn more about this and other new Schweiss innovations, visit our Sun ‘n Fun booth locations at D-054, D-055 and N-080. For more information on Schweiss Door products go to or call (507) 426-8273.
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