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Chipper (Belite) Introduces Single Seat Part 103 or Experimental Economical, Easy to Build
CONTACT:James Wiebe
PHONE: 316-393-5477, 316-210-8926

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April 3, 2019--Wichita KS – Chipper Aerospace (a Belite Enterprises company) has responded to the demand for an easy-to-build ultralight and has introduced the Chipper SS (Single Seat). Building on years of experience in innovating aircraft design and build techniques, James Wiebe, Belite/Chipper’s President and CEO, has been able to give builders a simple and affordable, yet high performing aircraft that can be built as either Part 103 or Experimental.

The Chipper SS Kit is introduced at $8,500, and deposits start as low as $50. The Early Bird pricing is available until April 30, 2019. Details are available at

Technical specifications are available at: STOL characteristics allow takeoff and landing within 80 feet. The CNC part-fit constructions makes it easy to build and delivers the strength and proven safety of a Chipper-built aircraft. An enclosed cabin and cargo compartment make it simple for longer trips, and off airport capabilities allow landing in most conditions. The Polini 250 Thor engine allows a cruise speed of up to 62 mph in ultralight mode, and it handles pilot weight of up to 250 pounds.

Wiebe says, “There is no ultralight or small experimental aircraft out there that offers this extraordinary capability in a CNC easy build kit, other than Chipper SS. Chipper SS is a fusion of correct design material selection in a very lightweight, high performance aircraft. For a fun flight. Chipper SS delivers.”

Aircraft Highlights Include:
• CNC machined parts for easy construction and quick building
• Honeycomb aluminum and honeycomb fiberglass included in the kit
• Build as either Ultralight Part 103 or as Experimental Amateur Built (EAB)
• Comfortable, large, enclosed cabin
• Great looking design
• Extremely strong aluminum reinforced cabin, with precision cut baltic birch side skins
• Impressive aerospace 7075T6 aluminum landing gear bolt on
• Rivets, glue, classic fabric covering
• Absolutely no welding

Performance Highlights in Ultralight Mode:
• Easy takeoff and quick climb
• Spectacular loitering aloft with fantastic visibility
• 28 MPH stall speed
• Maximum cruise of 62 mph
• Gross weight of 484 lbs.
• 5 gallons of fuel

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Belite Enterprises manufactures the experimental aircraft, the Chipper, through Chipper Aerospace; and through RADIANT Technology, develops innovative instrumentation for aircraft.

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