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Fusion 212, the composite, sporty new SLSA “booms” into the U.S. market
Oshkosh, WI (July 24, 2018) – This is the first time that the full composite fuselage, FAA certified light sport aircraft, the Fusion 212 is introduced at the EAA AirVenture. Its U.S. manufacturer is the Magnus Aircraft America (Magnus Aircraft, Inc.). The company entered the U.S. market earlier this year. Fusion 212 seamlessly contributes to this summer’s adventurous spirit at Oshkosh.

The Fusion 212 has a low maintenance composite airframe, a powerful Rotax 912 (ULS or iS Sport) engine, rated at 100 horsepower, and there is a special option to request the aircraft with a Rotax UL Power 260iSA engine. The Fusion 212 is available with DUC or MT 3-bladed ground adjustable propellers that conform to the FAA SLSA requirements. The most important features of Fusion 212 are its energetic performance and economical fuel consumption. Unlike most aircraft, the fuselage is made of a composite material; is driven by an engine running, not on jet fuel, but on 95 RON unleaded fuel, which ensures optimal consumption with low maintenance costs.

The aircraft is equipped with side-by-side seating arrangements and dual controls for educational purposes. Structural load limits of +6 to -3 G’s and exceptionally responsive flight controls make this an ideal aircraft for flight schools’ pilot training and for lovers of sport aircraft. While the aircraft has aerobatic capabilities, the Fusion 212 is a Normal Category aircraft with significant (+6/-3 G limits), structural loading strength and exceptional pitch and roll responsiveness and rates. The normally aspirated Rotax 912 ULS engine is restricted to a maximum of 5 seconds of (inadvertent) inverted flight.

As a Normal Category SLSA aircraft, the Fusion 212 is presently limited to a maximum of 60 degrees of bank and a maximum pitch up or down of 30 degrees; when operating in the contiguous United States.
Thus, the Fusion 212 is suitable for initial and advanced pilot training, sport aviation and emergency maneuvers training. The company is testing the Fusion 212 with optional accessories to make it available for performing agricultural operations, wildlife management and various monitoring tasks. (The Fusion 212 will be available soon in a “Sentinel” edition, with Air Surveillance Camera System options.)

The environmentally conscious and detailed design of the aircraft ensures the Fusion 212 possesses optimal flight performance, nominal fuel consumption, and safety of flight characteristics, all of which are surpassing the competition. It is available for special order (3-5 months manufacturing time) or for purchase from U.S. inventory (the Base model is currently priced from $139,900). Magnus Aircraft, Inc., is licensed to sell to the American market, offering an excellent opportunity for those wishing to purchase a light sport aircraft. The U.S. company plans to have certified maintenance shops nationwide. Its Customer Reference Program is also open for new applicants to join and become a certified Magnus Sales Partner.

The Fusion 212 was developed by engineers of the Magnus Aircraft Corporation, founded in Hungary as a multinational sport aircraft and flight training company. Its engineers have decades of experience in design, development and production of two-seater aircraft. The founder is Gabor Tarany who in 2011 had a vision of creating the ultimate flying experience for aviation enthusiasts. Since then, Magnus Aircraft has developed a global footprint, bursting into the light sport aviation market with innovation and versatility. With Magnus companies in North America, Europe, and Asia, the original enterprise continues to grow its international presence across the globe.

The Fusion 212 is available this summer for prospective buyer Discovery flights in the Washington, D.C.- Northern Virginia area at Magnus Aircraft, Inc., from Culpeper Regional Airport (CJR). Visit for more information or call 703 748-7155 or email:

Also, be sure to check out the Fusion 212 at EAA AirVenture, Oshkosh 2018 at booth 97. We are dedicated to serving and offering you an exciting and safe experience of flying!

Let your dreams come true with Fusion 212!
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