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New Strap Latch autolatch eliminates cables and pulleys
Just when Schweiss Doors thought it had the best automatic latch on the market, the Schweiss design team did itself one better. This “new,” totally functional and simple strap latch system gives you an “all-strap” and “only-strap” bifold door. Schweiss Doors recognized that straps that used to do the lifting, could now be designed to also do the all-important latching; thus making it the only “all-strap” bifold door and giving you by far the best autolatch system on the market!
Schweiss Doors design team came out with patented liftstrap doors in 1998; a proven design for over 20 years. Now the new Strap Latch “total strap design” is the most recent major breakthrough in the bifold door industry, and it comes only from Schweiss Doors.
The simplicity of the new latch strap is truly amazing!
Straps do the lifting and now straps do the latching! Schweiss did away with all the cables, chains, sprockets and pulleys; and it now has 90 percent less moving parts. This is a real game changer in the bifold door world; it doesn’t get any better than an all-strap door.
Cable doors not only require frequent maintenance due to fraying, breaking and overwrapping, but also open much slower, are hard to adjust, are not as safe as straps, and are noisier than liftstrap doors. In today’s world, you wouldn’t buy a car without air conditioning, so why would you buy a bifold door without liftstraps. Cable doors are now outdated!
This autolatch system will fit any size door and can be retrofitted to any door with no loss of headroom. Unlike other latch mechanisms, the new design will securely hold the door against your building in all positions; securing the door when open, partially open and it will positively lock the door when closed. It will even secure the door from wind gusts when the door is open, closed, or in any position as the door is in a moving operation.
It uses the same highly acclaimed liftstraps that are capable of lifting 29,000 lbs. each. Motors can still be mounted as top drive or bottom drive.
Schweiss Oshkosh booths are set up at the following locations: EAA Exhibit Hangar D: Booths 4077 and 4078, 4079 and 4096, 4097 – 4098 and at Fly Market Booth 701 and Epic Aircraft Exhibit Hangar Booth 3121B.
Visit Schweiss Doors at our booth. For more information about Schweiss Doors, call 800-746-8273 or visit our informative website at
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