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RAJAY Turbo Products Establishes Authorized Service Centers
RAJAY Turbo Products Approves New Authorized Service Centers for North America

July 20, 2018

Spring Branch, TX, July 20, 2018 – RAJAY Turbo Products has approved the appointment of two new service centers in North America. The joint announcement is being made by RAJAY Turbo Products in conjunction with Clifton Aero (Clifton, TX) and Brant Aero (Brantford, ON).

The new RAJAY Authorized Service Center (ASC) locations will provide factory authorized maintenance services to RAJAY equipped aircraft owners and operators throughout North America. The following companies have been designated as the first RAJAY Aircraft Authorized Service Centers:

• Clifton Aero – Clifton Municipal Airport, Clifton, TX, USA

• Brant Aero – Brantford Municipal Airport, Brantford, ON, CA

Both companies were chosen to become RAJAY ASC locations because of their established experience in providing quality RAJAY kit installation, maintenance services and their proven capabilities to service all RAJAY models. Each service center is authorized to provide RAJAY maintenance, installations, repairs, inspections, and routine service for all models. Both authorized service centers are also the only facilities approved by RAJAY for warranty-related service in North America.

“RAJAY equipped aircraft owners now have more convenient choices for Authorized Service on their RAJAY equipped aircraft with our new RAJAY ASC partners,” said Tom Langeland, President of RAJAY Turbo Products. “The experienced technicians at Clifton Aero and Brant Aero make it easier than ever for owners to receive the best quality service for their RAJAY equipped aircraft without the hassle of traveling far for it. We expect they will meet or exceed our customers’ expectations for RAJAY maintenance and together will install and service RAJAY kits and services in an exemplary manner befitting the quality of our customers.”

About RAJAY Turbo Products

RAJAY Turbo Products is an industry recognized leader of turbonormalizing general aviation aircraft for over 60 years. RAJAY maintains over 50 FAA STCs covering Piper, Cessna, Beechcraft, Mooney, Lake, Aero Commander and several other airframes.

About Brant Aero

Founded in 1972, Brant Aero offers one-stop service for almost every GA aircraft type and avionics manufacturer. We have the experience to do anything on everything. No problem is too big or small; we tackle them all with passion and professionalism.

About Clifton Aero

Specializing in general aviation aircraft from single to multi piston & turbo prop aircraft. Quality inspections, maintenance, overhauls, major and minor repairs, modifications and glass replacement.
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