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Dual Electronics introduces the XHUD1000 Head Up Display For General Aviation
Oshkosh, WI, July 23, 2018: Head Up Displays are installed in most advanced military, commercial, and business jet aircraft, and provide pilots with enhanced situational awareness. However for smaller aircraft, HUDs have been less practical due to high costs and installation challenges. Dual Electronics has addressed these issues with the launch of the new XHUD1000 Head Up Display. The XHUD1000 provides advanced HUD performance in a compact, affordable, and easily installable package for General Aviation and Light Sport Aircraft. The device allows pilots to continuously monitor key flight data while keeping their head up and eyes looking forward. Dual developed the XHUD1000 through collaboration with pilots to ensure it provides the right mix of features for situational awareness and pilot convenience.

“We are excited to bring the new XHUD1000 to the General Aviation market” said Irfan Khalid, Dual’s Vice President of New Products & Business Development. “With the XHUD1000, GA pilots can now benefit from modern features previously only available in larger, more advanced aircraft”.

The XHUD1000 is controlled wirelessly by Dual’s software app that runs on the pilot’s Electronic Flight Bag / mobile device. Dual’s HUD solution integrates aircraft and traffic data, customizable graphics, and wireless connectivity, to provide an enhanced flight experience.

“With the mainstream use of mobile devices and EFBs in the cockpit, it’s an ideal time to bring the XHUD1000 to aviation customers. By leveraging real-time flight data, portable electronics, and software technology, we were able to develop this unique solution for pilots and aircraft equipment manufacturers” said Khalid.

The XHUD1000 has 3 selectable display modes: 1) AHRS 2) Traffic 3) EFB App. AHRS (Attitude & Heading Reference System) mode displays altitude, airspeed, attitude, pitch angle, and compass heading in a classic HUD AHRS graphic for convenient monitoring of flights. Traffic mode displays ADS-B traffic on a radar style graphic using standard TCAS symbology, and has a selectable coverage range. For both of these modes, the information displayed is based on data from Dual’s ADS-B GPS receivers such as XGPS190 (for AHRS or Traffic modes) or XGPS170/D (for Traffic mode). As an alternative, pilots can operate the XHUD1000 in EFB App mode to display information from their EFB software running on their mobile device. In this mode, pilots can use any brand of portable GPS receiver that’s connected to their EFB mobile device. EFB App mode allows the XHUD1000 to display AHRS, synthetic vision, or moving maps for navigation, which are features available on most EFB Apps.

Set up and installation of the XHUD1000 is simple. After making the wireless connections using the included HUD Control App, the app runs in the background and the mobile device is free for running other apps. The XHUD1000 includes a non-slip mounting pad for easy installation on most aircraft. The unit is lightweight and compact, and has a folding screen with adjustable viewing distance & angle.

The XHUD1000 is now available directly from Dual Electronics. Stop by the Dual at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh in Hanger C, Booth 3071 for special launch promotions.

Contact (public):
Irfan Khalid
VP New Products & Business Development
Dual Electronics Corporation
250 International Parkway, Suite 230
Heathrow, FL 32746

Editorial contact (not for publication)
Elena Thompson
Marketing Services Manager
407-936-0129 ex. 151
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