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AmSafe SOARS STC Approved
I am pleased to announce that we just received our AML STC SA02503AK for AmSafe SOARS. This has been a great effort with the FAA ACO in Alaska, the Small Airplane Directorate and a great team at AmSafe that worked very hard along the way. This STC provides coverage for a large number of aircraft models (summarized below) to provide the next generation of general aviation occupant protection and represents a great testament to the benefits of the Part 23 rewrite. This is a great win for the industry, AmSafe and the small airplane community.
We feel very strongly that there is a great need to provide this safety
enhancement for as many Normal Category and experimental aircraft as possible. The SOARS airbag restraint system is designed to be a replacement for 2-3 point aircraft standard restraint systems on over 500 Normal Category, Part 23 aircraft and experimental aircraft currently using 2-3point restraint systems.
AmSafe airbag restraint systems have proven beneficial is small airplane
accidents consistently over the years and this STC will make this a possibleenhancement for many aircraft owners for which STC's were not previously available.

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