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American GEM Solo Youth Training Glider at AirVenture IC-14
Cupertino Aviation Clubs (Indiana Not-for-Profit, 501 c3) is demonstrating their full sized Innovative Youth Training Glider at EAA AirVenture - Booth Innovation Center IC-14. The American GEM (Ground Effect Machine) on display will be in Plane-on-a-Post (PoP) configuration allowing visitors to experience a bit of actual aviating - not a simulator!- with full stick and rudder controls. Young visitors and aviation educators will be encouraged to try this innovation in AeroSTEM and provide feedback to the team on the prototype. Also shown is the Ground Tow Loop system that allows teens to: taxi, hop, and go grass skimming SOLO as they progress through the training syllabus. This is true "wind in the hair - stick in the hand" and not electrons-on-eyeballs aviation excitement in learning! It replicates a 20+ year system used in Europe with great success. With the PoP and Ground Tow system, the American GEM becomes a very inexpensive youth flight training system suitable for schools, career education centers, organized youth groups, EAA, SSA chapters and flying clubs to use to encourage teens to try flying! Combined with the ground school curriculum a teen could progress to taking the FAA test before beginning flight training!  [ home ]

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