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Airmate, the free and social flight planning app celebrates its US launch at Oshkosh
At last, the aviation world experiences an internet paradigm change: Airmate is the only social flight planning and navigation app completely free for pilots.

Widely used by tens of thousands of pilots in Europe, AIRMATE is now launching in the USA and Canada during Oshkosh AirVenture event, where AIRMATE exhibited.

Airmate demonstrated all features of its latest 1.17 version, including:
- moving map with worldwide aviation database updated free of charge
- free airport approach plates in US, Europe and more than 100 countries detailed weather briefing
- ADS-B traffic receiver support with traffic displayed on the map
- support for geo-referenced charts (US charts are planned to be geo-referenced soon)

Daniel Mavrakis, CEO of Myriel Aviation, explains the Airmate business model: "With Airmate, we are using a revolutionary internet business model now experienced everywhere. These days, in the US and most developed countries, aviation data is freely available from aviation authorities. This enables us to provide access to that data free of charge to pilots. Using Airmate, pilots are also able to share information with each other. Our app is free, because its development is funded by advertising from service suppliers: FBO, handlers, repair stations, restaurants..."

For more information, contact:
Airmate, - Web:
US/Canada: +1 (418) 592 8862
Europe: +352 621 199443

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