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Cuba Welcomes Experimental Aircraft
General Aviation is relatively new to Cuba. To obtain a Cuban landing permit, it is necessary to produce a copy of the aircraft airworthiness certificate among other documents. When the Cuban Civil Aviation authorities in Havana viewed their first “special” airworthiness certificate with “experimental” and “amateur built” slashed across the top of the certificate, alarms bells began clanging all over Havana.

There are no “experimental” aircraft in Cuba, unless you want to count the 1946 Antonov AN-2 Bi-planes that are still operating in Cuba

Fortunately, Caribbean Flying Adventures, which has worked with the Cubans for 15 years to obtain Cuban overflight and landing permits for U.S. and third country aircraft, was able to persuade the Cubans to allow U.S. experimental aircraft to land in Cuba. This took some months of back and forth. It may surprise some folks that the Cuban civil aviation officials are open to reasonable, common sense solutions on issues which pose no safety or security challenges.

U.S. experimental aircraft now have the green light to apply to Cuba for landing permits. Submit a copy of the your registration, airworthiness certificate, insurance binder showing liability coverage for worldwide, western hemisphere, Islands of the Caribbean or West Indies or Cuba specifically plus your latest annual inspection sign off – plus some other required details about your trip and persons on board – and you will be ready to launch in your personal “time machine” back to the 1950’s – only 90 miles from the Florida Keys. is without exception the lowest cost provider in the entire market of Cuban overflight and landing permits – saving pilots hundreds to a thousand dollars in a single instance depending on which third party vendor might be selected. It is also the most experienced expert on flying privately to Cuba having arranged landing permits and tours for over 370 aircraft in the past two years.

The U.S and Cuban regulations governing private flights to Cuba are clearly defined but not easy to find. Caribbean Flying Adventures is up-to-date on the latest changes, including the recent announcements by the Trump Administration and can provide chapter and verse and what is 100% legal or not.

In a few words, private pilots can continue to fly their planes to Cuba if they are traveling under the “People to People” educational category authorized by the U.S. Treasury department and touring under the auspices of a People to People organization. Caribbean Flying Adventures is an authorized People to People organization and can arrange approved U.S. government Cuban tours for individual aircraft, charter aircraft or group tours.
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