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Proteus aircraft celebrates 19th Birthday at EAA Airventure!
Scaled Composites Model 281 Proteus is on display at EAA Airventure Oshkosh and celebrating the 19th anniversary of its first flight. Proteus first flew on July 26, 1998, and has made over 1000 flights. Visit Proteus at Boeing Plaza for an up close look at the plane and to take a picture as a Proteus “Test Pilot”, then stop by ScaledBase for special Proteus swag and to meet the crew!

Proteus’ original mission was to test using an aircraft as a high altitude communications satellite
– the first attempt at delivering a broadband internet connection to the masses. The airplane proved to be very versatile as a high altitude, long endurance research platform which allowed Scaled to continue utilizing Proteus to fly missions for many programs over the years, accumulating over 4000 flight hours.

For more information regarding the airplane, please refer to our website:

For more information about Scaled’s presence at EAA Airventure Oshkosh, contact Jennifer Seguin at or 661-754-6287.
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