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Belite Previews Engine Monitoring System: Low cost system captures engine information to display on vivid LCD screen
CONTACT:James Wiebe PHONE: 316-393-5477,316-210-8926

EDITORS: Belite's new Engine Monitoring System is installed in our "Chipper" demonstrator aircraft and may be viewed at our booth just off the ultralight runway.

July 25, 2017—Wichita, KS – Belite has developed a new Engine Monitoring System which captures and displays all common information for a Rotax 912UL / ULS engine and many other engine types. The information is displayed on a vivid, daylight readable color LCD display. User customization is possible, allowing different operating configurations for different pilot needs.

Priced at an economical $499.95, the system shows the following user selectable parameters:

* EGT (user option to display 0, 1, 2, 4 channels)
* CHT (user option to display 0, 1, 2 channels)
* Oil Temperature
* Oil Pressure
* Fuel Pressure
* Manifold Pressure
* Tachometer (RPM)
* Elapsed time of flight
* Total Time in Service (Hobbs)
* System Voltage

Included is a Radiant display gauge and a Radiant engine monitoring pod, designed to mount in the engine compartment. The pod communicates with the display gauge via a single serial data line.

First shipments are planned for late Q3 of this year.


Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.
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