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This beautiful hand finished gicleé by Gil Cohen is worth viewing in person, please come by the booth to see it - Hangar A, Booth 1030/1 - right inside the big door.
There were at least three B-17 Fighting Fortresses in the Eighth Air Force named "Kayo" and two named "Katy", and although this composition is generic it has the look of the 384th Bomb Group at Grafton Underwood which had a Kayo decorated in this style.
Gil Cohen says: 'I wanted to name the B-17 in the picture after my granddaughter, Caitlin, but I wanted a great adjective before the name. A friend suggested a little belligerency-- "K.O.", for knock-out, as in boxing: hence Kayo Katy.'

This painting was judged 'Best of Show' at the 1990 exhibition of the American Society of Aviation Artists. [ home ]

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