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Companies combine strengths to provide total product solution
Press Release Oshkosh, Wisconsin 7/24/2017

Companies combine strengths to provide total product solution

Sterna Composite Aircraft, Inc. (Sterna) and Design, Analysis and Research Corporation (DARcorporation) today announce a joint venture to provide a total product approach to integrated composite propeller and airframe solutions for customer needs.

The joint venture combines the international resources and expertise of Sterna and DARcorporation. The joint venture will operate under the name Sterna Composite Aircraft, Inc. and will be based in Lawrence, Kansas, USA. The joint venture will capitalize on the strong design capabilities DARcorporation has developed as a leading provider of aeronautical engineering services and on Sterna’s strength in the composite propeller and airframe manufacturing.

The joint venture products will include composite aviation propellers and airframe components.

“This agreement represents each organization’s strong commitment to provide customers with a single source for the best in composite propellers and airframes,” commented Dr. Willem Anemaat, the president of DARcorporation. “This joint venture expands the DARcorporation services into a total product solution, from design, to prototyping, to testing, to production.”

Wei Zheng, Sterna president said “the combination of our strong design experience with advanced manufacturing process gives us a unique advantage in maximizing customer value and assuring our customers quality propeller and airframe products in the US market through seamless integration of both companies’ expertise.”

About Sterna Composite Aircraft, Inc.

Sterna Composite Aircraft, Inc. specializes in the manufacture of safe and efficient high quality carbon fiber 'hollow' composite propellers for the Ultralight, Light Sport Aircraft and the Airboat communities. Sterna is a company engaged in the research and development and manufacture of carbon fiber propellers. Sterna has 18 years of experience in manufacturing carbon fiber products and the composite propellers are made with a unique technology of crafting the blade in one piece.

About DARcorporation

DARcorporation has been offering aeronautical engineering software and consulting services since 1991. Our projects include single and multi-engine propeller and jet powered aircraft, Business Jets, Very Light Jets (VLJ), Kit, LSA and Experimental Category aircraft, VTOL aircraft, UAV's for civil and military applications and hybrid air/ground vehicles. For more information, contact Dr. Willem Anemaat at or 785-832-0434 X 103.
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