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Samson Motors unveils Switchblade flying sports car prototype
Samson Motors, Inc., developer of the Switchblade Flying Sports Car, unveiled their pre-production prototype at AirVenture for the first time on display. Samson has been building the pre-production prototype of the fully enclosed three-wheel drive/fly vehicle in Central Oregon. While not completely assembled, the display highlights the unique internationally patented wing swing mechanism that sets the Switchblade apart from all other flying cars.

According to Switchblade designer and Samson CEO, Sam Bousfield, the choice to fully protect the wings on the ground was a key decision made early in the design process. “For a commercially viable flying car, we felt that protecting the flying surfaces while on the ground was critical to success,” says Bousfield. “Can you imagine, going into a restaurant while traveling, and not knowing whether some careless driver damaged your wings or tail while you were not around? That would put some severe limitations on how you might use a flying car.”

Samson’s goal is to produce the first commercially successful flying sports car. “It is looking good so far”, quips Bousfield. The project encompasses the hallmarks of a successful commercial sport vehicle: safety, aesthetics, functionality, performance and a winning business strategy.
Possible one of the safest aircraft in the world
• Ballistic parachute for the whole vehicle
• Turbo charged for flying above the weather
• You can land and drive through adverse weather and not be stopped (the cure for ‘get-there-itis’)
• Three automotive sized disk brakes allow short landings at speeds well above the stall speed of the vehicle – you do not have to get near the critical slow flight speed required of typical aircraft landings

You want your VTOL flying car when?
• No battery technology in near future to allow fully electric VTOL flight of meaningful distance or speed
• Switchblade delivers over 400 miles range at up to 200 mph
• No regulations in place that would allow wide-spread use of VTOL vehicles, nor autonomous flight
• The speed of regulation changes are very slow historically. Did someone say glaciers move faster?
• Switchblade operates inside all current regulations, both ground and air
• Infrastructure required for VTOL flight is non-existent. Imagine all of the places you would want to go (stores, office, home, church, restaurants). None of these currently have places to take-off and land. In order to use a VTOL, you would have to find a safe place for a landing spot, get approvals for a landing spot, not have your neighbors complain about a landing spot being there, build the landing spot in a safe way so no one gets hurt in its operation, and enforce a set of rules of use so that safety is maintained.
• The infrastructure needed for a Switchblade is already in place, and most people in the US live within 15 miles of one of the 5,000+ General Aviation airports scattered around the country.

Switchblade provides high performance in both modes
• 200 mph projected top speed in air, 1500+ fpm climb rate
• Aeronautical engineering validated by wind tunnel testing at University of Washington, Seattle, Kirsten Wind Tunnel facility
• 190 hp turbo charged V4 engine, recently validated by dyno testing at Loyning’s Engine Services in Portland, Oregon
• Power to weight ratio of 6.3 lb/hp comparable to a 2017 Corvette
• Switchblade has been tested on a standard slalom course, and beat every vehicle in Road & Track’s historical database of comparable wheel base (distance between front and rear wheels)
• Three wheel Wilwood racing disk brakes

Samson disrupting carbon fiber manufacturing
• Samson recently completed testing of UV cure carbon fiber parts manufacturing techniques that reduced part production times by 600% over state of the art technology
“If this isn’t a game changer, I don’t know what is”, said Bousfield.

Google, Uber, others see that flying cars are the future. We also see flying cars as the future, but our vehicle - the Switchblade- will meet all current regulations on the ground and in the air - NOW.
• Licensed as a motorcycle in most states
• Licensed as Experimental Aircraft initially, with certification planned for later

Commercial acceptance already proven
• 58 Pre-flight Owners around the world have purchased ahead of first flight to get one of the first Switchblades available
• Almost 200 people on a Reservation Program, growing daily

EMBARGOED PRESS RELEASE: Release Date 25 July, 2017 9:00 am CST
Press Conference 8:30-9:00am, Samson Motors exhibit space #429 (behind Honda Jet)

Sam Bousfield will be delivering several different Forum Presentations related to the Switchblade at the Samson Motors outdoor exhibit space #429 (near flight line & directly behind Honda Jet): 10:00-11:15 am every day, in their tent.


For more information or to schedule an interview with Sam Bousfield, please contact the CEO’s Assistant, Martha @ 530.320.9088 (mobile – call/txt) or 855.772.6766 (office).
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