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TCW Technologies receives FAA approval for Back-up Battery Systems
Over the past three years we have navigated the challenging path to receive FAA approval of our Integrated Back-up Battery System (IBBS as many have come to know it). We now have design and manufacturing approval and authorization via TSO C179a. The IBBS-12v-3ah-CRT and IBBS-12v-6ah-CRT units received authorization in April 2017.
The IBBS system is a self-contained back-up power unit that may be used to provide uninterrupted power to critical avionics such as GPS navigators, communications radios, EFIS, autopilots, engine monitors and electronic ignition modules. The IBBS system ensures these critical avionics have clean electrical power through a variety of failures and anomalies that may occur on the aircraft’s primary electrical system.
The IBBS certified units draw on our experience over the past 7 years in the experimental market. Over 2000 IBBS systems have been sold and utilized extensively in the experimental and LSA market.
TCW Technologies, LLC. is celebrating its 10th. anniversary this year. We build a variety of electronic control systems for the Experimental Aircraft market and are the leading provider of back-up battery technology utilized in homebuilt and LSA aircraft.
For more information about all of the TCW Technologies products visit and booth 4058, hangar D at AirVenture 2017
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