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Fantastic news is spreading in the aviation world about an aircraft that will revolutionize the four-seat, flight-training and owner-flown, entry-level markets. There are already major buys confirmed.
This aircraft does not have spectacular performance specs. It is not faster than a speeding bullet or have 200 pounds more useful load than other aircraft in its competitive set. What it does have is a price that’s significantly lower.
Meet the Vulcanair V1.0, with a price of $259,000 delivered in the U.S. (subject to change). This is not an aircraft that has been stripped of features—it has a full IFR avionics package featuring the Garmin G500 PFD/MFD. It is EASA-certified, with FAA certification expected later this year. Deliveries have begun in Europe, and those in Asia are scheduled for the near future. U.S. deliveries are expected before the end of the year. The order book is filling rapidly, with the next delivery dates slated to be in December 2017.
In the U.S., the V1.0 will be that entry-level aircraft that everyone is looking for at a price of under $300,000. Further, it’s positioned as the aircraft that Part 141 flight schools, colleges and universities with aviation programs need to economically train tens of thousands of professional pilots.
The conditions in the U.S. market demand that there be an answer to fill the need for an aircraft at the V1.0 price. Right now, to find similarly equipped aircraft with comparable features under $260,000, one would need to consider 10-year-old options, of which there are few available, many requiring an imminent engine overhaul.
The V1.0 was designed and is being manufactured by Vulcanair, a well-known and highly regarded European aircraft manufacturer. Vulcanair has produced more than 500 EASA- and FAA-certified, single- and twin-engine, piston- and turbine-powered aircraft with many millions of flight hours. The company has been financially stable since its inception in 1996.

Rugged, designed and manufactured by the producer of the robust, multi-role P68 twin-engine aircraft, the V1.0 is built tough to hold up for decades in aero club and flight school environments, with high utilization by low-time pilots.
The V1.0’s structure is a combination of welded steel tubes arranged in an articulate reticular fashion (main cabin) coupled with a riveted aluminum wing, tail cone and empennage sections. This arrangement ensures a strong protective cabin and a lightweight structure altogether. The V1.0 is also one of the easiest aircraft in the market to maintain and repair. It’s in line with Vulcanair's design philosophy: the quest for durability, safety and exceptional value.
Value is a fundamental goal. Excellent aircraft performance, modern Garmin avionics and an exceptionally low acquisition cost in its competitive set make the V1.0 a serious alternative in today’s single-engine piston-aircraft market.
The V1.0 is powered by the 180 hp Lycoming IO-360-M1A, capable of running with AvGas or with lower-cost alternative fuels.
The standard avionics package features a Garmin G500, simultaneous PDF/MFD in a split screen coupled with a state-of-the-art GTN650 WAAS GPS/Nav/Comm touchscreen-enabled unit a GMA350 Audio Panel, a GTX33 Mode S Transponder, one GNC255 Nav/Comm, one GDU620 AHRS, Jeppesen NavData and a JPI digital engine-monitoring system. Mid Continent's latest digital back-up digital instrument (SAM) is offered standard in the aircraft package. ADS-B In and Out, for the U.S. version, is also included. Additional avionics options are available.

Engine 180 hp Lycoming IO-360-M1A
Max Take-Off Weight 2,546 lbs.
Basic Empty Weight 1,627 lbs.
Maximum Useful Load 919 lbs.
Usable Fuel Capacity 50 gals.
Maximum Seating Capacity 4
Max Luggage Weight 88 lbs.
Cruise Speed @ 75%, ISA, 6000ft 130 KTAS
Range (45-min reserve, 45% power, 10,000 ft) 591 nm
Rate of Climb at Sea Level 900 ft./min.
Service Ceiling 14,700 ft.
Take-Off Distance to 50 ft 1,608 ft.
Landing Distance (over 50-ft obstacle) 1,575 ft.

Wingspan 32 ft. 10 ft.
Overall length 23 ft. 9 in.
Overall height 9 ft. 1 in.

Finally, the V1.0 is a utility category aircraft that further expands the V1.0’s ambitions.
Come see the Vulcanair V1.0 at the EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, WI, from July 24th to 30th at Booth 117.

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