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Pittsburgh, PA, July 17, 2017: Miralou Aero announced today its newest creation MiraCheck CoPilot, a mobile voice assistant checklist which is a giant leap forward in general and commercial aviation safety. MiraCheck CoPilot utilizes voice prompts (Mira) to combat complacency that can occur when pilots read or check the same items over and over. It was designed to navigate content in the most efficient way possible. Emergency procedures, for example, can be narrated in the pilot's ear within seconds. The app provides a framework for a much richer checklist including textual content, URL links, images and videos. More detailed rich content can also be associated with each item as overlay comments and personal notes can be captured. MiraCheck CoPilot combines the convenience of today’s mobile technology, voice assistance and easy to use customization across Apple and Android devices including smartphones, tablets and the Apple Watch for preflight procedures and inspections. It also integrates with Bluetooth aviation headsets for audio in the cockpit.

“I had two incidents as a pilot that was the catalyst for building the MiraCheck ecosystem. One was a prop strike and $30,000 engine teardown claim one month after getting my first airplane for being distracted and leaving the towbar on. Another was a harrowing emergency landing because of oil spraying profusely across my plane’s windshield,” said Jeff Bonasso, founder and Chief Design Officer of Miralou Aero. “After picking up after an oil change with a seasoned mechanic I made the mistake of not thoroughly doing a preflight. The MiraCheck ecosystem will allow pilots to easily share their experiences to make other pilots much safer.”

MiraCheck CoPilot’s mobile app is where the pilot interacts with checklist procedures. The app provides a standard aviation checklist with the option for the pilot to edit and customize the checklist to suit any personal preferences and workflows. Mira will help every step of the way with voice assisted checklist details combined with a display checklist giving pilots a two-pronged safety net before takeoff and during flight. Checklists are only the beginning. Our vision is a true digital co-pilot where other inputs like GPS, camera and flight data can further provide information for Mira to assist and make flights safer.

MiraCheck CoPilot includes MiraCheck Cloud. Its aim is to be a central hub for the community to share their expertise on any air safety subject. It has robust editing tools as well as a powerful search engine to easily discover other checklist procedures. The ultimate goal of a tool like MiraCheck CoPilot is to reduce human error and enable pilots to learn and repeat procedures in the most efficient way possible. The app reinforces the imperative that each pilot and co-pilot follow a strict set of procedures to ensure safety in the air.

Miralou Aero LLC is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Jeffrey Bonasso is the Founder/CEO/Chief Design Officer. He has more than 25 years of experience in the area of learning software and content management systems. Additional checklist products are being developed/explored for the hospitality, trucking, mining, steel, construction and healthcare industries.

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Jeff Bonasso
Miralou Aero LLC
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