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Gemco Offers Hourly Piston Engine Programs
Gemco is pleased to announce hourly engine programs tailored towards piston engine aircraft owners and operators. Gemco’s newest set of programs are designed to make financial planning and risk management associated with piston aircraft engines easy and affordable for everyone.

Gemco’s flagship catastrophic protection program covers the majority of unscheduled maintenance items for both your engine, and its engine driven accessories. Working with you and your own preferred maintenance provider, Gemco will help you turn unpredictable engine expenses into an affordable and predictable hourly rate that you can budget for while owning your aircraft.

Gemco also offers an Overhaul Savings program that is designed to help you better budget for your engine’s overhaul costs. The Overhaul program allows you to build equity in your aircraft as you use it, minimizing the loss of value associated with an aging engine. The program is transferrable between owners, and can be rolled into a new aircraft if desired. Gemco’s experts will develop your payment plan, maintain your reserve accounts, and help you through the process of obtaining a new engine when overhaul time comes.

Engine programs increase the value of your aircraft during resale, allow you to stabilize expenses, and provide peace of mind. Many large corporate and commercial operators already use hourly engine programs in their operations, and you should too.

Gemco will be at Oshkosh this year at booth #4141, located in hanger D. We welcome the opportunity to talk with you about how our programs will fit into your operation, discounts we offer for both fleets and combination programs, and unique program constructions.
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