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Air Race 1 World Cup Returns to Thailand
Thailand is confirmed to host the top international title in pylon air racing in 2017. The Sports Authority of Thailand, part of the Ministry of Tourism and Sport, will host the Air Race 1 World Cup at the U - Tapao Naval Air Base on 17-19 November 2017.
This year’s World Cup is anticipated to be the biggest one yet with more teams competing than in any other international event in the sport. Thailand, one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world, is embarking on a major strategy of using sport as a boost for tourism, so hosting the Air Race 1 World Cup has become integral to Thailand’s plans.

Last year Thailand became the first country in the history of the Asia Pacific region to hold a pylon air race when it held a test event in preparation for the full World Cup of Air Racing this year.
The sport has been growing dramatically year on year and it is the only international air race which sees airplanes racing at the same time. Air Race 1 is the international level of the sport known for 70 years as formula one air racing. It is true air racing in which eight airplanes race directly against each other at speeds of 450kph trying to cross the finish line first after eight laps around a tight 5km circuit at just 10 meters above the ground.

Minister Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul, The Minister of Tourism of Thailand, said: “Sport is in our hearts in Thailand and our passion for top level motorsport is exemplified by our commitment to host the Air Race 1 World Cup. As a leading global tourist destination, we are always striving for new ways to attract new visitors and this event helps us distinguish Thailand as an ever-changing innovator. We are eager to welcome the international fans of this sport to Thailand.”

Rear Admiral Luechai Sri-Eam Gool, Commander of U-Tapao Naval Airbase, said: “U-Tapao Airport is broadening its operations as an important aviation hub in South East Asia, so holding the Air Race 1 World Cup is an excellent demonstration of the high-quality robust services we offer at our facility. And the Royal Thai Navy is delighted to be able to share our airport with our community.”

Jeff Zaltman, CEO of Air Race 1, stated: “Last year’s race in Thailand was such a fantastic success, proving that Thailand is a highly reliable sports event host. The race teams and the Air Race 1 organization are all eager to return to the world-class U-Tapao Airport to showcase our thrilling sport to the people of Thailand and TV audiences around the world. The Thai sports audience is a very enthusiastic and sophisticated fanbase and we look forward to developing our sport with them.”


About Air Race 1:
Air Race 1 is pure motorsport at its fastest. It is a thrilling test of pilot skill based upon the long-running sport known as formula one air racing. The world’s best race pilots compete to be the first one to cross the finish. Eight airplanes race directly against each other at speeds of over 450kph around a tight 5km circuit just 1.5km end to end. Formula one airplanes are a specifically defined airplane class with over 70 years of history which sets strict parameters regarding wing area, engine size and other technical characteristics. Air Race 1 is the top international title in the sport and is sanctioned by all three international formula air racing associations. Air Race 1 World Cup is the event name and trading name of Air Race CC Ltd, which is registered in the United Kingdom and has a base of operations in Spain. Air Race 1 is comprised of highly-regarded industry-leading experts who have extensive experience in organizing and promoting air racing and air sports competitions on a global scale and who work hard to ensure this race is both safe and a monumental success for all. Note: The sport of formula one air racing has no connection to nor relationship with the sport of formula one car racing nor any other automobile race or organization.

About Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT):
SAT is a division of the Ministry of Tourism and Sport of Thailand. It is responsible for development of sport and sports tourism in Thailand.

About U-Tapao Naval Air Base:
U-Tapao Naval Air Base is a joint civil–military public airport serving Rayong and Pattaya cities in Thailand. It serves as the Royal Thai Naval air base , home of the Royal Thai Navy Air Wing, and as a commercial passenger hub. It is also the home of a large Thai Airways maintenance facility, servicing the airline's aircraft and other clients.

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