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Helping Pilots Fly Safer, One AOA at a Time
If your airplane already has an AOA system that gives you limited information or has an inadequate display, you can now use the superior standalone Alpha Systems AOA display. Enhancements now cover flaps, gear advisory, standalone ARINCE 429 driven AOA display, stick shaker, full color HUD, four­point calibration, and streaming RS232 AOA data for any PFD integration.

Mark Korin, President, says, “We can update any aircraft with an AOA display for safer flying, including AOA installations for pressurized aircraft.”

The Alpha Systems AOA system was primarily designed as a standalone device to improve operational safety of airplanes by increasing pilot awareness during operations at high angles of attack. This AOA system meets the stated objective of the FAA’s Advisory Circular, Ac23.1309-1C, “to improve the safety of the airplane fleet by fostering the incorporation of both new technologies that address pilot-error and weather related accidents and those technologies that can be certified affordably.”

About Alpha Systems AOA:
Alpha Systems AOA, a division of DepotStar, Inc., has been in the forefront of angle of attack technology for General Aviation since 1996. Based in Ramsey, MN, it designs and manufactures AOA display solutions for certified and experimental, pressurized and non­pressurized airplanes. This privately­held firm is owned by a pilot whose mission is to improve aircraft operation and flight safety.
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