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Belite SkyDock Now Arrives 3:30 pm Today at Ultralight Exhibit
CONTACT: Kathy Wiebe / 316-210-8926 /

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The new SkyDock by Belite Aircraft is scheduled to arrive at Oshkosh around 3:30 pm today. James Wiebe, president/CEO of Belite will introduce the new design at the Belite exhibit just off the Ultralight Runway. The new design features an extraordinarily attractive, molded carbon fiber fuselage.

“We’re thrilled with the appearance of our new airplane design,” Wiebe said. An important feature of the SkyDock which is premiering at Oshkosh is the world class, one-of-a-kind paint design. Wiebe added, “Our factory built SkyDocks will all include a single color paint of equivalent quality, and we now have the capability of doing any paint design which the owner desires. The resulting quality and appearance will make each owner’s aircraft the envy of their airport.”

The SkyDock can be configured as an ELSA and cruise efficiently cross country while drawing appreciative eyeballs at every airport. Configured as an ultralight, it enables loitering around your home base and easy slow flights.

In ultralight configuration, gross weight ranges up to 500 pounds with stress loadings of +3.8/-2.0 applicable. Normal FAR 103 rules apply in this category.

In ELSA configuration, gross weight target is 600 pounds with a maximum of 60HP. Expected typical cruise speed is expected to be 120mph. See complete specifications at:

“We’re also excited by the changes in how we are presenting this kit to the market,” Wiebe said. “We want the builder to purchase only those parts which are beyond their skill set to fabricate; all other parts are in our CAD aircraft design and easily fabricated using common CNC routers. For builders who want to build this attractive design at lowest possible cost, they can cut their own flat parts by hand, saving even more money.”

The base kit (includes pre-molded carbon fiber skins) is priced at $11,280. The complete kit, including a full complement of machined components and all nuts, bolts, and rivets, is priced at $20,675.

For a factory built FAF Ultralight SkyDock, pricing is set at $49,900 (with water cooled 36.5HP engine.) Pricing is subject to change without notice.

Required builder deposit for a kit is $1000 (nonrefundable). Deposit for a factory aircraft is $12,500. Various details apply, check our standard purchaser contract.

At launch, SkyDock kits are available factory direct or from Belite’s new Builder Assist Centers. In the UK and Europe, our SkyDock distributor is Metal Seagulls:
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