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-- Newly Launched Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) Channel Dedicated to Aviation Storytelling Offers Discounted Plans; Chances to Win DVDs and a Valuable Giclee Canvas --

AeroCinema, a first-in-its-genre Over the Top (OTT) service, will showcase its portfolio of aviation content at the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2016. The channel, which launched in March with more than 400 never-before-seen aviation-themed features, documentaries and profiles, is a sponsor of the weeklong air show and will be screening a new documentary feature every day.

Beginning Monday, July 25, AeroCinema gets things off the ground with the first of its screenings at the EAA Museum’s state-of-the-art SkyScape Theater Royale and will continue to showcase a new rarely-seen program every day through Sunday, July 31. Content will reflect AirVenture’s daily themes, from Innovations Day, which celebrates the latest flight technology, to the 75th Commemoration of Pearl Harbor. Each showing will begin at 8:30 AM (with 4 PM encores) and is approximately 45 minutes in length.

“For the first time ever, AeroCinema is thrilled to participate in this year’s EAA AirVenture Oshkosh to introduce our unique SVOD service tailored specifically for aviation buffs,” says Peter McKelvy, senior vice president of business development at AeroCinema. “Attendees can experience a slice of our offerings throughout the week and get special show savings on subscriptions to AeroCinema."

Every day at the Quonset Hut, AeroCinema will run a looped video, which explains its brand, content, pricing and promise to its viewers, and will offer a special discount for attendees: 25 percent off the annual subscription plan of $49.95 or $1 off the regular monthly $4.95 plan. The discounts will be available in multiple locations, advertising and marketing collateral.
Throughout the week, attendees will have the chance to win a framed Giclee canvas by Williams S. Phillips titled “Release Your Brakes and Hunt for Heaven,” which is valued at more than $500. In partnership with Virginia Bader Fine Arts, the leading company selling aviation art in the US, AeroCinema will draw the name of the lucky recipient Saturday at 3 PM at the Virginia Bader Fine Arts Booth (Booth 1030-1031 at Hangar A).

Attendees will have additional chances to be winners with daily drawings to take home a DVD set called “Adolf Galland: Clash of the Legends.” Details about the Giclee canvas and the DVD are outlined further below.
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About “Release Your Brakes and Hunt for Heaven”
Beginning March 1, 1942, in preparation for the famous Doolittle Raid on Toyko, 24 crews were selected to pick up modified B-25 bombers in Minneapolis and fly them to Elgin Field, Fla. There, the crews received intensive training for three weeks in simulated carrier deck takeoffs, low-level and night flying, low-altitude bombing and over-water navigation, primarily out of Wagner Field, Auxiliary Field 1. Here, William Phillips depicts Lieutenant Henry Miller, USN, from nearby Naval Air Station Pensacola supervising the takeoff training, which would prepare 16 selected crews to launch from the USS Hornet on April 18, 1942, to attack Tokyo and other designate sites in Japan. As a side note, for his efforts. Lt. Miller is considered an honorary member of the Doolittle Raiders.

About “Adolf Galland: Clash of the Legends”
Of all Germany’s Aces, few can boast of belonging in the same class as the legendary Adolf Galland. His more than 100 victories against Western opponents are a testament to his bravery and skill as a pilot. In the early 1990s, Galland invited a camera crew into his home to discuss his personal recollections of the war. On disc one, “Ace of the Luftwaffe,” watch Adolf Galland’s never-before-seen interview where Galland gives his analysis of the Battle of Britain from inside his ME-109 cockpit along with detailed information about his rocky relationship with Herman Goring. On disc two, “The Fighter General,” Galland was promoted to General of the Fighters. Galland takes you inside Hitler’s circle and reveals secret plans for one of WWII’s boldest operations – Operation Thunderbolt-The Channel Dash. On disc three, “Clash of Legends,” Galland recalls this historic meeting with British Ace Douglas Bader. Discover Galland’s theory of Bader’s downing, the details of Bader’s hospital room escape and how these two greats wrote their names in aviation history. B&W and color, more than 128 min. of film.

About AeroCinema
AeroCinema is a new Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) service focused exclusively on telling stories of aviation history with original programs made for and by aviation enthusiasts.. Launched in March 2016, AeroCinema has more than 400 never-before-seen aviation-related features, documentaries and profiles for the aviation enthusiast. Discovery amazing animation, exclusive first-person accounts from combat veterans, test pilots, designers and engineers who made aviation history. AeroCinema’s top-quality HD content, instantly streamed through the Internet, explores aviation from its inception to present day. AeroCinema is an international service available at and on ROKU, Apple Store, Panasonic and Samsung Smart TVs and iPads.
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