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SCOOP! Russian fighter-inspired PJ-II DREAMER debuts at Sun ‘n Fun
Saturday April 9, 2016
After hitting literally dozens of bureaucratic roadblocks from two different countries, this new fighter-inspired kitplane is assembled and ready to fly in the Sun ’n Fun showcase. Stuffed into a shipping container and imported from Russia with just a little over 40 hours in the air, the Russian experimental aircraft is ready to receive FAA “blessings” early Saturday morning before a brief shake-down flight. After landing, they’ll be ready to receive the press out front of the Replica Fighter’s Headquarters, prior to flying before the public in the daily Sun n’ Fun Showcase on Saturday and Sunday.
Using a pair of ducted fans driven by a modern all-aluminum LS-6 or LS-7 Chevrolet Corvette engine, the DREAMER can achieve fighter-like performance. With a top speed of 218 mph and a cruise speed of 187 mph, a lot of fun can be had on the 15 GPH fuel burn.
Stressed to +4.4 /-2.2 Gs, this nimble homebuilt aircraft promises the feel and definitely the look of a modern fighter aircraft. The two-seat tandem PJ-II DREAMER prototype is scheduled to temporarily stay in the USA and will be on display at AirVenture Oshkosh 2016.
Prices start at $89,950 (FOB manufacturer) and can be purchased as a complete kit, or as sub-kit deliveries. Retractable landing gear, engine gear box, fan assemblies and engine mount are included in the cost of the kit. Build time is advertised at 2000-2500 hours, and a total flying cost is projected to be as low as $125,000 USD.
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