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Pegasus 0-100 Engine
For Immediate Release: April 3, 2016
Contact: Chip Erwin, (262) 408-0124

Aeromarine-LSA to introduce the Pegasus DP-1 O-100 at SUN ‘n FUN

Lakeland, FL – Chip Erwin of Aeromarine-LSA is pleased to announce that Pete Plumb of Pegasus Power, a division of Wood Wing Specialty of Sahfter CA, will be exhibiting his new “half O-200” engine kit, the Pegasus DP-1 O-100, in their booth at Paradise City during SUN ‘n FUN, beginning April, 5-10.

While Pete specializes in building and reconstructing wood wings for certified aircraft, he also designed, built, flew a simple, sport-pilot qualified experimental aircraft that he also offered plans for others to do likewise. While his single-seat, wood-and-fabric Cracker Jack sport plane was successful, the issue of powering it with an affordable, reliable engine haunted Pete. Fast forward two decades and Pete has now developed that engine for his little plane and is offering it to others who can benefit from 60 four-stroke horsepower from 106 pounds of direct-drive, air-cooled American ingenuity.

Chip is especially excited to host Pete in his booth, as he has plans to power his Merlin PSA using this engine. It seems like the Pegasus O-100 might be an excellent choice for the Merlin PSA.

See both the Merlin PSA and the Pegasus O-100 at the Aeromarine booth #52 in Paradise City.
Watch Pete Plumb run his engine daily on the Paradise City flight line. Check in at the booth for times.

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