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Camping in the Sky is the Ultimate High!
April 2, 2016: For fifteen years, air adventurer Ramona Cox has been flying to remote airstrips all over the Great West, and she typically finds herself “alone in the wilderness.”
Although “air camping” generally consist of three-day weekend getaways, Ramona “SkyChick” Cox’s expertise was perfected through spending months at a time, flying her Cessna TU-206 to scenic and remote locations, from the lush Pacific Northwest to the rugged Idaho mountains, to the peaceful deserts of Utah. Cox’s motto is “Camping in the sky is the ultimate high!”
Ramona’s adventures include documenting the wildlife, fishing and/or hunting small game with a traditional bow, and packing guns for protection just in case the local wildlife becomes dangerously threatening.
Ramona continues to take extended trips and to explore the country one state at a time, all the while testing and reviewing gear to determine what works and what doesn’t, because, as the five-foot, 97 lb adventurer says, “When you’re out in the middle of 1.5 million acres of wilderness, faulty equipment is more than a bummer; it can actually be lethal.”
Attendees can meet SkyChick at Sun N’ Fun at the Honda Booth #LD-001 or attend her seminars:
Air-Camping Gear Essentials on Wed. April 6th - 11:00 Room 5
Skychick’s Backcountry Flying Adventures – Thurs. Aril 7th - 12:00 Room 5.

As a gifted storyteller, her multimedia presentation is packed with humor, stunning photos and action packed videos along with tips and tricks for seasoned and/or aspiring backcountry pilots and all those who enjoy nature and camping. There will be an exclusive drawing just for attendees to win either a Spot GEN 3 Personal Locating Beacon or a Trace Theft Alert Tracking Device and one of her “Flying Off The Grid” DVD’s. Attendees will also receive SkyChick’s Ultimate Air-Camping Checklist, her favorite flying destinations list and a sample from her new product line, Adventure Natural Care Lip Balm.
Having partnered with Honda Power Equipment, SkyChick will be spending time at the Honda Generator Display (LD-001) across from the Sunset Grill. Stop by to sign up for a daily drawings for one of her DVDs, “Flying Off The Grid”, a ride with the AeroShell Aerobatic Team or simply enjoy swapping adventure stories with SkyChick while charging you phone at the convenient cell phone charging station.
*To get a sneak peek of the exciting life of an adventure pilot, check out her DVD “Flying Off the Grid” at Website:
Email: Contact: Ramona Cox (310) 991-8829
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