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First USA Merlin PSA now flying!
Lakeland, Florida, February 12, 2016: “The acceleration and climb rate are exhilarating,” says pilot Chip W. Erwin. “It brings the sport back into sport planes with a power-to-weight ratio about 50% higher than most LSA aircraft. It will be perfect on our new amphibious floats!”

The Merlin PSA (Personal Sport Aircraft) is an Experimental – Amateur-Built class aircraft that fits inside the “LSA box” and can be flown under LSA pilot/medical rules.

A complete kit, including the builder’s assist program, is only $34,900. The demo aircraft test flown today is very nicely equipped, with a ‘glass panel’ EFIS/EMS, 2 x GPS, transceiver, an ADS-B out-equipped Mode S transponder, BRS parachute system, electric trim and the new TruTrack ECO autopilot, all for around $50,000.

Introduced at the US Sport Aviation LSA Show in Sebring just last month, the Merlin PSA drew comments like “It only costs $35,000? And that price really includes the engine?” and “This changes the way I think about LSA.”

“Flight conditions were less than ideal, with gusty winds and choppy turbulence but the Merlin handles these conditions perfectly. The pilot sits right on the longitudinal axis and the wing loading is higher than the average LSA, so it is quite comfortable flying all day long. I was seeing cruise speeds over 100 mph and climb rates of 1,400 FPM,” Erwin explains.

The all-aluminum Merlin PSA is available now as a quick-build E-AB (Experimental Amateur-Built, "51% Rule") aircraft. It is a modern design, created on 3D CAD/CAM equipment, resulting in easy-to-build matched-hole assemblies that require no fixtures, so build time is measured in days rather than months or years. Builders can enjoy a couple of weeks at the Builders' Center in Florida and fly their new Merlin PSA. Not "taxi." Fly. And South Lakeland Airport, where the Builder's Center is located, is close to all the theme parks and attractions, so the family will be busy and entertained during the build program.

An available-optioned Merlin PSA taildragger with tundra tires is now flying in Europe.

The next step, after flying off the test program, is to install the amphibious floats. They are finished, and the gear is operating perfectly with the remote wireless Bluetooth phone app for actuation.

For more information on the aircraft that will change how you think about LSA, visit: Chip W. Erwin
+1 262 408 0124
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