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Vulcanair A-Viator (AP68TP-600) receives FAA approval for its latest glass cockpit and higher MTOW configuration.
Exciting news are arriving this year to EAA from the Italian manufacturer Vulcanair. The Naples based company is introducing the twin-turboprop A-Viator with a new full glass cockpit. The A-Viator is an airplane that will have a direct impact in the entire turboprop community by providing a low cost of operation with increased versatility. The aircraft has a range of more than 1,000 miles while cruising at a speed of 200 kts. at a fuel burn rate of 36 gallons per hour. At a starting price of just 2.5 million dollars, the 11 seat A-Viator is direct competition to both twin and single engine turboprops.

With the presentation of both the P68 light-twin series and the A-Viator turboprop, Vulcanair is placing itself as a formidable option in an overpriced general aviation market. The company is expecting full certification of its single engine V1 model by the end of this year, and FAA reciprocity by next year. With this addition, Vulcanair would be one of the only companies in the world that could offer such a variety of aircraft, from small single engine all the way to twin-turboprops.

About Vulcan Air:

Building on nearly 60 years of aviation design heritage, Vulcanair Aircraft is a privately owned Certified General Aviation manufacturer based in Italy and selling handcrafted aircraft globally. Respected for its innovative and reliable aircraft designs and exceptional customer service, Vulcanair’s products and product improvements are entirely developed "in house" by Vulcanair Design and Engineering department, whose goal is to smartly blend new technologies design techniques to proven construction methods to General Aviation. All of this to offer distinctive, good-flying, good-looking, robust, aircraft.

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For more information about Vulcanair company, please visit our website or call our US Factory Authorized Dealer, Americana Aviation at 305-338-7979,  [ home ]

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