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Belite Aircraft’s new SkyDock arrives at AirVenture onTuesday
CONTACT:James Wiebe
PHONE:316-253-6746 x 1 / 316-210-8926

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See Belite Aircraft at AirVenture right off the Ultralight Runway.

Belite introduces the new generation in affordability and easy-to-build legal ultralight design.

Belite Aircraft's newest entry into the ultralight market is SkyDock, which features lighter weight, lower cost and a simpler design that sets a new standard for efficient ultralight Part 103 aircraft.

"We’ve listened to customer concerns about price, build time and ease of construction. The SkyDock offers Part 103 legal ultralight flying at an affordable price without sacrificing performance or the technology that is a part of the Belite reputation," said James Wiebe, president/CEO of Belite Enterprises.

The strutless low-wing design offers efficient, low drag, low-speed fun. Wings easily detach for storage or transport. There are no lift struts and no jury struts for easier assembly and less drag while flying. Wings build quickly.

Performance is efficient, enabled by the very clean design. Various engine options are available. The design is fun to look at and grabs attention. Construction is easy: wood and aluminum parts are precision-cut utilizing CNC. No welding is required. Fiberglass and carbon fiber are used for reinforcement.

Since 2009, Belite Aircraft has brought ultralight aircraft to market that has offered innovation in design and technology. Currently Belite offers two additional models: The ProCub Lite with CNC foam and aluminum construction, and the UltraCub with CNC aluminum. Both models are available as factory built and kits.

Wiebe was awarded the prestigious "Dr. August Raspet Memorial Award" for outstanding contributions to the advancement of the design of light aircraft and the Experimental Aircraft Association in 2011.

Belite Enterprises is funding the final development of the SkyDock design on Participants will receive rewards and a substantial discount on the price of a Kit. The Kit is priced at $3,995 on Kickstarter, a $2,000 saving from the regular price. The KickStarter project will be open soon. A preview can be seen at

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