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Extend Battery Life with Concorde's REvised CMM for RG Series Main Aircraft Battery
Concorde’s newly released CMM (24-30-71), Document No. 5-0171 Revision N, dated March 31, 2015, provides clarification of the Conditioning Charge Procedure used to recover sulfated batteries as evidenced by way of a failed Capacity Test. Previous revisions of CMM 5-0171 have recommended that either a 31 volt or 16 hour condition charge procedure may be used to recover a sulfated battery. The option was left to the mechanic. After years of battery recovery analysis, Concorde’s engineers have found that the 31 volt Condition Charge is the most successful charge procedure prescribed for recovering deeply discharged batteries. A deeply discharged battery is described as a battery with an open circuit voltage of 20 volts or less for a 24 volt battery (10 volts or less for a 12 volt battery). Alternatively, the 16 hour Condition Charge Procedure is the best Condition Charge program for recovering batteries that are not considered deeply discharged (OCV above 20 volts for a 24 volt battery and above 10 volts for a 12 volt battery).

Revision “N” also includes a Battery Maintenance Log, added to the back of the manual where the battery’s annual capacity test results may be logged. To download the latest version of Concorde’s Component Maintenance Manuals please visit: .
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