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Flying Musicians unite pilots who are musicians at AirVenture
July 17, 2015: Fort Worth, TX: Bigger than Ever! Better than ever! More music than ever!

The Flying Musicians Association will once again unite pilots who are musicians at the Big Dance in Oshkosh, WI for the annual EAA AirVenture Oshkosh - the biggest Fly-In in the world.

Free musical events are scheduled through the week, with a chance to jam with other flying musicians:
• Monday, 6-11p.m. at the Red Barn – Acoustic Jam
• Thursday, 6-11p.m. at the Red Barn – Open Mic & Jam
• Saturday, 6:30p.m. (before the night air show) near the flight line – Gathering & Social of Musicians & Friends; then watch the Air Show

All musicians, everywhere, who share a passion for aviation or would like to see what all the excitement is about, are invited to join FMA members whose combined passions are music and flying. “We run across musicians throughout the year in all parts of the country at various aviation and music events who are passionate either in action or as an enthusiast. Sharing time, talents and passion with others is what FMA members do best.” – John Zapp President/CEO Flying Musicians Association, Inc.

Members will be busy again this year performing at private parties, hosting jams, broadcasting live on EAA Radio’s The Morning Pre-Flight show at 7:30 a.m. daily, and of course cherishing magical moments with airplanes and pilots from around the world. Special gathering of Flying Musicians & Friends is scheduled for Saturday evening prior to the Night Air Show near the flight line hosted by Flying High Coffee.

Come out and join us for the Monday Night Acoustic Jam and the Thursday Night Open Mic & Jam (7/20&7/23) at the Red Barn in the Ultralight area from 6pm until 11pm to share your musical talents and or to enjoy the wonderfully eclectic music performed by pilots from around the world. There will be a sound system as well as extra instruments if you are unable to fit yours in the plane. In the past, we’ve enjoyed music from just about every genre: country, bluegrass, jazz, folk, classical and even opera. The variety is as diverse as the types of aircraft in attendance. A complete schedule can be found on the FMA website –

FMA has been very fortunate to continue to grow outreach programs especially by introducing the FMA Solo Program in 2015. This program awards a student nominated by his or her band director with the funds necessary to solo an aircraft. Show your support for those who voluntarily share their time, talents and passion to create enthusiasm, excitement and growth in the industry. Jump on the FMA Bandwagon today!

Finally, be sure to check out FMA’s corporate partners, many of which will be exhibiting at AirVenture. New partners at this year’s show include Bristell Aircraft, Scheme Designers, Flying High Coffee and SkyChick Adventures.
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About the Flying Musicians Association, Inc.: The Flying Musicians Association (FMA), founded in 2009, is an organization of pilots who are musicians, spanning the globe, proficiency levels, and genres. The skills required to play an instrument and fly an aircraft have marked similarities, from precision and multitasking to listening and fine motor skills. By educating others about these common attributes, we hope to further interest in both. The goal is to share our passions in order to inspire, educate, and encourage others by creating enthusiasm and promoting personal growth in aviation and music. More:
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