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Flight-Resource, LLC today announced the latest enhancement to one of their many popular composite propeller upgrade STC’s. A 79” 3-blade option is now approved along with the popular 83” 2-blade configuration for all Cessna 170,172 and 175 that are powered by a Lycoming -360 series engine.

According to Flight-Resource’s John Nielsen, “The slightly shorter 3-blade prop provides higher initial thrust making it perfect for applications where short take off and best climb are required. At the same time, the design reduces drag such that there is no cruise speed loss. The smaller diameter also provides a bit more ground clearance.” Nielsen added, “The light weight and composite structure benefit operators with turbine smooth operation and elimination of RPM restricted ranges”. Approval extends to all Float and Ski operations.

Flight-Resource is the exclusive supplier of this particular enhancement and is providing a trade program for those currently running the 2 blade MT, wishing to move to the new 3-blade model. Cessna owners who are interested are encouraged to contact Flight-Resource at (866) 717-1117 for questions relating to either the 2 or 3-blade upgrade kits.


Flight Resource, LLC© is the world’s largest distributor of the German engineered composite MT-Propeller and holder of several MT Propeller upgrade STC’s. Installation kits for literally hundreds of makes and models of singles, twins and turbine powered aircraft are supported from the Cessna 170 up to the Jetstream 41. For more information about Flight-Resource and current list of model STCs, please visit

MT Propellers are designed and built in Straubing Germany. With over 50,000 composite blades in operation; 32 years of development and production and more than 110 million flying hours without a single in-flight hazardous failure. There is no active AD on any MT-propeller. MT-Propellers are also approved on Part 135 and Part 25 commercial airplanes like the BAE Jetstream 41 fulfilling the highest certification requirements. The high technology natural composite blades have no life limitation and can be repaired even in case of a FOD. Service is provided by over 30 MT certified prop shops around the US. For more information about MT-Propellers please see

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