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Aviate, Navigate, COMMUNICATE: Tactical Hearing
Hearing loss? Here's where to find it again in Hangar C, 3142!
If you can’t hear, you can’t do a good job of communicating.
Hearing technology has improved exponentially over the past decade or so, and custom-tuned multi-band digital devices have proliferated.

Light and almost invisible in the ear canal, these digital hearing devices (no one calls them “hearing aids” any more) can boost sound in the frequency bands where the hearing has been damaged or just needs a little help.

Tactical Hearing employs the latest digital technology in custom-fit earpieces that are molded to each user’s unique ear canals; the result is a perfect fit. With that fit, Tactical Hearing’s devices can be “tactical.” They also operate as effective hearing protectors. When a too-loud sound is detected, a tactical hearing device shuts down, blocking rather than amplifying the sound – it acts like a custom-fit earplug, saving your hearing!

Learn about what good hearing can be, and learn how much prices have come down, since you first heard about multi-band digital devices. And learn how Tactical Hearing can fit you with comfortable, effective hearing enhancement that also preserves your hearing, through its active attenuation of too-loud noises, be they from shooting, race car exhaust… or flying.

You can get tested and fitted right at Airventure Oshkosh 2015, in Booth C-3142 (Hangar C)!
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