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Tanis Aircraft Products Obtains STC for Bell 407
Tanis Aircraft Products is proud to announce a Supplemental Type Certificate for the Bell 407 - Installation of Tanis Preheat System.

Tanis manufactures the only heli-preheat system that thoroughly and safely heats all critical components. Helicopter preheat systems typically include heating elements for the engine, main rotor gear box, accessory gear box, tail rotor gear box, fuel control unit, hydraulic tanks, and oil coolers. Battery preheat systems are also available and sold separately. With a Tanis System you are assured that heat is thoroughly applied in a safe and reliable manner which reduces maintenance costs and fuel consumption. Preheating adds to operational reliability, flight safety, flight utility, and reliable starts in all weather conditions.

Preheating the components is accomplished through heat pad elements mounted to the surface of the components with an approved bonding sealant. Power is applied through an independent wiring assembly that connects all of the heating pads.

Doug Evink, Tanis President/ CEO commented that: “Tanis stands for the most technologically-advanced preheat systems. A Tanis system is the only solution to provide heat to all the critical helicopter components. Our line of heli-preheat and protection accessories have long been an industry standard. We are excited to be supporting the Bell 407 by contributing to safe operations and prolonged life of helicopter components “

Since starting our business in 1974, we were the first to develop engine-mounted preheat systems for piston engines, first to offer helicopter preheat, first to offer turbine preheat, and the first to meet the rigorous requirements for FAA Supplement Type Certification.”

Tanis Preheat Systems have been tested in the harshest climates available including Siberia, the South and North Poles, and through the Arctic.

Tanis Aircraft Products are manufactured in Glenwood, MN and has its corporate office located in Blaine, MN.
For more information, contact Tanis Aircraft Products, 2951 100th Court NE, Suite 150, Blaine, MN 55449; call 952-224-4425 or 1-800-443-2136;; email .

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