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The World's Best AOA – Now FAA Approved Under 14 CFR 21.8(d)
Since 1996, DepotStar, Inc. manufacturer of Alpha Systems AOA, has been in the industry improving aircraft operation and flight safety for the General Aviation. Born out of lifesaving military technology, our passionate team has developed a sleek line of new, innovative Angle of Attack indicators that will surely impress. Affordable, high-quality, professional, intuitive and with trusted support; we benefit from knowing you’re safe. Please visit Mark Korin & the Alpha Systems AOA team in Hangar C Booths 3124/3125. Show Special: 10% off all NEW AOA Kits. Also, if Dual Display Kit and Valkyrie (HUD) is purchased, the 2nd Valkyrie is FREE ($500.00 Value).  [ home ]
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