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Aerospace Design – Now a Game that the Whole Classroom Can Play
DAVinCI Flight is a 3-D multiplayer game built on top of a suite of real engineering design tools, which will challenge students to virtually build a variety of aerospace vehicles in order to complete specific ‘missions’” explained Dr. Atul Kelkar, CEO and Founder of VSI Aerospace, Inc. in Ames, Iowa. DAVinCI’s purpose is to inspire the next generations of students, who will be grappling with the newly instituted Next Generation Science Standards, and it will help them understand how math and science are useful in real life, greatly reinforcing their mastery of classroom concepts. The game features an array of modules ranging from short, 15-minute design challenges to longer project-based learning – with each of the modules reinforcing a key concept from mathematics or science. In short, instead of reading design theory and concepts in a book, the student will be able to “build” and “fly” virtual creations that will allow them to learn the principles of sound engineering in “real-time,” while “giving them a practical demonstration of their creations. The game will be released for market at Oshkosh at heavily discounted price. Please visit VSI Aerospace booth in EAA Education/Career Center Exhibits
located at the northwest corner of Waukau Ave. and Knapp St., near the FAA control tower.  [ home ]

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