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FltPlan Adds Auto Sync Feature and More to FltPlan Go App
The latest release of the FltPlan Go iPad, iPhone, and Android app features auto syncing of NavLogs, Routes, Weather, Weight & Balance Profiles, and Checklists from the FltPlan website. This new feature allows users to move seamlessly from web to app by eliminating the download process.
“When a pilot or scheduler creates a flight plan on the website, their NavLogs, Routes, and Weather are automatically sent to the app. Checklists, and Weight & Balance profiles are also sent to the app. This simplifies the flight planning process for our users and ensures that they have access to important pre-flight and in-flight information,” said Sarah Wilson, Principal and Director of New Technology and Business Development. “We strive to simplify the flight planning process for our users. Automatically downloading this important information does that,” Wilson added.
In addition to auto syncing, the latest version of the FltPlan Go app for iPad includes a selectable winds overlay. Directional arrows and color-coded wind speeds are shown for 1000-foot intervals and can be selected as an overlay on any map with your route. Arrows indicate predominant patterns and winds can be shown in two scales: for high performance aircraft (scaled up to 150 knots) or for smaller/slower aircraft (scaled up to 45 knots). This allows pilots flying any aircraft type to see the big picture and select optimum routes and altitudes based on current wind information.
Another significant addition to FltPlan Go for iPad is user-defined, color-coded METARs that indicate current ceiling, visibility, winds, and temperature. This is an industry first. Map overlays showing the world map, SIGMETs, AIRMETs, PIREPs, and winds aloft have been added as well.
“The new map overlays will enhance situational awareness, and improve in-flight navigation,” added Wilson.
FltPlan Go for iPad, iPhone, and Android is available for download from the App Store and the Google Play store.
About FltPlan:
FltPlan is the largest provider of general aviation flight planning services in North America. More than 150,000 registered users rely on FltPlan for free flight planning and filing, charts, weather, FBO and Airport Information, Weight & Balance, eLogbook, Checklists, and premium services like eAPIS, SMS, Flight Tracking, and PDCs. The FltPlan Go mobile app is available for both iOS and Android devices and is a powerful companion to the website. The FltPlan Go app is compatible with multiple ADS-B receivers and offers essential features and tools such as free geo-referenced approach plates for both the U.S. and Canada, NavLogs, real-time Weather, detailed FBO and Airport Information, Checklists, and Weight & Balance.
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