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Electroair: Updates and New Projects
Electroair is pleased to make several announcements regarding new electronic ignition systems and developments:

EXPANDED FOUR-CYLINDER STC: NOW APPROVED – IO/AEIO-390 Series of Engines - Electroair is pleased to announce another new design approval and STC for its Electronic Ignition Systems: Electroair has received Design Approval and FAA-PMA for the EIS-41000 series electronic ignition system for Lycoming IO/AEIO-390 series of engines. Electroair also added a large number of airframes to its ever growing list of approved airframes for the electronic ignition system. This expansion just about rounds out the four-cylinder STC and makes it one of the most comprehensive list of aircraft and engines approved for an engine accessory. The updated Approved Model List (AML) can be found on the Electroair website (

Updated Electroair Website: Electroair has recently updated the Electroair website to include revised installation manuals, updated trouble-shooting guide, updated Flight Manual Supplements for both four and six cylinder aircraft, an Induction Leak Test Video to aid maintenance technicians, and several New Factory Trained Installation Centers. Go to and check out all the new stuff!

SPENCER SUDERMAN TO BREAK HIS OWN INVERTED FLAT SPIN RECORD. Electroair worked last year with Spencer Suderman in his successful world record flight for inverted flat spins (he achieved a dizzying 81 turns). Electroair has partnered with Spencer Suderman who will attempt to break his own record this May. His goal is to break the century mark by meeting or exceeding 100 turns! More information is available at either or Videos tracking his progress can be viewed on YouTube –

Continental Engine Approvals: Michael Kobylik, President of Electroair is reporting that STC approval of the electronic ignition system has been earned for all Normally Aspirated Continental Engines (360, 470, 520 and 550 Series engines) as well as all Turbo-Charged Continental Engines (360, 470, 520 and 550 Series engines). This expansion to the 6cyl Electronic Ignition STC was completed earlier this year. Sales of the new systems have been brisk. Many customers have commented on both substantial fuel savings and much easier starting performance because of the electronic ignition system. The Approved Model List was also expanded to include many models of aircraft not previously listed. Much of this information regarding the new approvals and updated STC information can be found on the Electroair website (

Electroair is sponsoring Julie Clark: Michael Kobylik, President of Electroair, is excited to report the Electroair sponsorship of Julie Clark at Sun N Fun and at AirVenture this year. Julie has been performing in her beautiful T-34 for nearly 30 years – accumulating over 10,000 hours in her aircraft. Electroair is proud to have partnered with such a good ambassador of General Aviation and is counting on this partnership to help educate operators of GA aircraft on the benefits of electronic ignition. Because of the partnership, Julie and Electroair are able to make a special offer only available from Julie. Way to go Julie!!

Future Projects of Electroair: Electroair currently has three significant projects working their way through the FAA certification process: one, the expansion of the 6cyl STC to include Turbo-Charged Lycoming Engines; two, the development of an STC for 4cyl and 6cyl powered Helicopters! (this will include Robinson, Enstrom, and Sikorsky Helicopters); and three, we have begun the process to earn EASA Certification of our ignition systems – Europe is soon to benefit from the Electroair electronic ignition systems!  [ home ]
More: www.electroair,net

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