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QFJ MT-Propeller for PC12
The 100th Pilatus PC12 converted to the 5 bladed QFJ MT-Propeller System MTV-27-1-N-C-F-R(P)/CFR260-65a.

Atting, April 2015.

5 years after introduction and EASA/FAA certification of the Quiet Fan Jet 5 bladed propeller System for the Pilatus PC12 the 100th PC 12 was converted to our new propeller system.

The customers are impressed by the improved performance in take off (15% shorter), climb (10% faster) and cruise (up to 4kts faster) plus the unmatchable cabin comfort with a jet like vibration level and reduced cabin noise by up to 6 dB(A). The TBO for the propellers is presently 3000hrs or 6 year and will be increased to 3500hrs soon.

Customers around the world are using this latest generation propeller system. The PC12 fleet has accumulated over 100,000 hours of flight time with the 5-blade MT-Propeller.

Phelps Lane, owner of the Cygnus Lift company, let us know his impression after installation of the MT-Propeller on his PC12, which was the 100th PC12 converted:
Yes, the propeller shortens takeoff, greatly increases climb rates, and reduces noise and vibration to the point where my passengers have made comments about the difference in the cabin. This is a much needed modernization to the front of the PC-12, and I recommend the upgrade to the 5-bladed MT propeller to any and all PC-12 owners and operators. It is like having a new aircraft!

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