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Discovery Aviation Selects Parker Wheels & Brakes for Model 201
CLEVELAND, OHIO, April 13, 2015 – Parker Aerospace’s Aircraft Wheel & Brake Division — also known in the industry as Cleveland Wheels & Brakes — has been selected by Discovery Aviation to provide FAA TSO-approved caliper style wheels, brakes, and brake system hydraulics for the Discovery Model 201 and XL-2 aircraft.
Aircraft Wheel & Brake Division General Manager Mike Walasinski said, “We are proud to work with Discovery as it begins production on the Model 201 and XL-2 this year and look forward to providing support throughout the lifetime of these new and exciting aircraft programs.”
Parker is the industry leader in general aviation brake systems and provides the performance, value, ease of maintenance, product support, and parts availability that is critical for these aircraft. For these reasons, Discovery Aviation CEO Rick Cunliffe noted that choosing Parker wheels, brakes, and hydraulics for the Model 201 and XL-2 aircraft was the right decision.
The wheels, brakes, and brake system hydraulics for the two aircraft programs will be manufactured and tested at the Parker Aerospace Aircraft Wheel & Brake Division facility in Avon, Ohio.
The Model 201 is a twin-engine utility aircraft that is able to carry more than 1,900 pounds of cargo. The XL-2 is a single-engine training aircraft that is highly fuel efficient and easy to maintain.
For more information about Parker’s line of wheel and brake conversion kits, visit the Parker booth in Building C, at Exhibit C-32, during the 2015 SUN ‘n FUN show.
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