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BERINGER AERO introduces economical PC-6 Wheel & Brake STC
Tallard, France, October 19, 2014: BERINGER AERO has introduced a new STC for the Pilatus PC-6, that incorporates upgrades for safety, uptime, controllability, and ease and cost of maintenance.

Since 2010, BERINGER AERO wheels and brakes have been standard on the PC-6 with 12” wheels; the new STC-002 includes new 10” billet aluminum wheels with floating discs, calipers, the tail wheel assembly, and master cylinders; and it incorporates BERINGER AERO’s patented ALIR™ anti-skid system, which increases tire life and shortens braking distance even while helping maintain directional stability under hard braking.

The new 10” BERINGER AERO wheel, like the 12” BERINGER AERO wheel that is now standard, offers many advantages over the older (pre-2010) wheel. Its anodized aluminum design – in clear or grey “titanium” -- is stronger than the original and does not crack or corrode like the original magnesium; 10’’ tires are smaller, lighter, and less expensive; BERINGER AERO sintered metallic brake pads last 3-6 times as long as standard organic pads, reducing maintenance costs and increasing uptime -- and because of the ALIR system, tires should last longer.

The BERINGER AERO-equipped fleet of skydiving Pilatus PC-6 aircraft has demonstrated, over 60,000 hours and nearly a quarter-million landings, that the maintenance savings alone can conceivably pay for the STC in 4000-5000 landing cycles.

Claire Béringer, Sales Director at BERINGER AERO, summed it up: “The $20 savings per hour are the real savings. For example, the original wheel used to crack quite often and costs 9000€ (over $11,400US). The brake itself costs 5000€; even the original disc is 1200€! So our complete new kit (at $19,935 US, FOB France) is astoundingly favorably priced. This, plus longer-lasting pads and easier replacement procedures – the running and maintenance savings are considerable.”

Pricing: 10" wheel without brake, ea. (for replacement of 12" wheel)
$5,320 USD * RF-011(A)
complete 10" wheel and brake kit
$19,935 USD * STC-002.3

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