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BUSH FLYING: First in a fantastic series!
OSHKOSH, WI: Supersonic Productions has unveiled the first in its Excellent Aviator series of exciting and informative shows on DVD, BUSH FLYING.

The all-original footage was filmed in Alaska, and features renowned bush pilots Bob and Bobby Breeden, Vern Kingsford, and others, who share what it’s like to make a living flying among the boulders and mountains, sandbars and fjords that typify so much of that rugged land.

Discussion and dramatic illustration of wind patterns help the pilot see what to expect ahead, where the other side of the mountain may be experiencing a totally different weather pattern from the one he’s flying in, on this side.

Pete Zaccagnino, the fastest-flying winner at the Reno Air Races, executive pilot, aeronautical engineer, and president of Supersonic Productions, is releasing BUSH FLYING
(trailer here:
as the first in a series of pilot-oriented shows that will capture the imagination, drive the ambition, and even serve as a “bucket list” item for those of us who would love to, say, explore sandbars or snowy valleys in the Great North, or go fishing from the floats of our own airplane at a quiet spot in a remote river; or see what a jet “repo man” really does for a living. All these adventures are among the 10 episodes per year that subscribers will receive when they sign up for the Excellent Aviators series, for a subscription that is priced at just a dollar a day.

For both the doer and the dreamer, Bush Flying is the first “graduate-level pilots’ instruction” that is also family entertainment. Filmed by top cinematographers using state-of-the-art equipment, and featuring narrative written by Emmy-winning screenwriters, BUSH FLYING is a pilots’ show that everyone will want to watch.

The DVD is available now at Oshkosh, in Hangar B, space 2127; there is an Oshkosh discount of the regular price of $49.95.

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