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Concorde Battery Releases Technical Bulletin No. 14 - Aircraft Battery Capacity Test Adjustment
Concorde Battery Corporation’s Component Maintenance Manual (CMM) 5‐0171 states that Capacity Check intervals are general recommendations suitable for most applications. The intervals may be adjusted for a specific aircraft or fleet once the average battery life is established. How does one establish the average battery life?

Concorde has released Technical Bulletin No. 14 – “Capacity Check Interval Adjustment” available at This bulletin gives guidance on how to establish average battery life and adjust capacity test intervals in accordance with that life. Capacity tests are the only accurate means of quantifying a battery’s state of health and verifying airworthiness. A battery capacity of 80% or more is considered airworthy by the FAA and is required in order to supply essential power in the event of an alternator or generator failure. Aircraft that are flown under the same environmental conditions, follow the same operating patterns and are configured with the same electrical systems can extend their capacity test intervals based on previous battery life.

This Technical Bulletin walks you through proper methodology for accurately adjusting the capacity check schedule. A full copy of the Technical Bulletin is available at:
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