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Concorde Battery Higher Power RG-380E/46 Series Batteries Receive TSO Approval: Drop in replacement for RG-380E/44 Series
Concorde Battery Corporation announces TSO approval of the RG-380E/46 battery series. The RG‐380E/46 series batteries have more power at the same weight and in the same dimensions as the popular RG® Series RG‐380E/44 batteries. Concorde is continuously working on developing longer lasting and more powerful Sealed Lead Acid Batteries and through Research and Development produced a battery the same size and weight as the RG‐380E/44 with higher capacity and more instantaneous power. This direct replacement supplies 10% more power at 46 Ah than the 42 Ah RG‐380E/44. When used in the same application, the RG‐380E/46 will last longer (due to a lower depth of discharge on engine start), cause less engine wear (due to more cranking power), and provide more essential power in the event of an alternator failure allowing more time to safely land the aircraft. Obtaining TSO approval was the first step toward updating STCs that incorporate the RG‐380E/44 to include this higher power solution. Revised STCs for the superior RG‐380E/46 battery should be available in the near future. [ home ]

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