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Engine "Bling"
ECi is now manufacturing polished stainless steel rocker box covers for the Lycoming 235, 320, 360, and 540 engines. Stainless steel hardware installation kits are also available to attach them with. The covers are electro polished and make the engine shine! An added benefit is that the covers and hardware will not rust like stock parts do, they are stainless steel, durable and good looking at the same time. These covers look great! The ECi parallel valve covers are embossed with the ECi Titan logo, the covers for the Angle valve engines (as pictured) are not embossed. The part number for them are as follows;
AEL61247-04 : Parallel valve rocker cover
AEL102 : Parallel valve rocker cover screw kit (6 holes)

AEL68795 : Angle valve rocker cover
AEL104 : Angle valve rocker cover screw kit (8 holes)

Available today !

Call ECi to order at 800 324 2359 or email
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