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New Remote Intercom for GRT HXr
GRT Avionics and PS Engineering have teamed up to bring the world's first remotely-mounted dedicated intercom to the Experimental and Light-Sport marketplace: the PRI30EX, a lightweight, four-place high-fidelity intercom designed to work with the GRT HXr EFIS system.

The PRI30EX is a variation of the proven and popular PM3000 with a serial interface instead of the manual controls. GRT HXr pilots can now control all of the functionality and enjoy the audio quality of a PM3000 through a dedicated menu on the GRT’s HXr EFIS system. The HXr is GRT's most popular EFIS line, with a large 10.4" or 12.1" screen and dedicated remote avionics control suite. With the intercom mounted out of the way, the HXr's simple pilot interface gives the pilot easy access to all of the capabilities they would normally enjoy with a PM3000, while freeing up valuable instrument panel space for the large EFIS screen.

Previously, the only remote intercom available was PS-Engineering's PAC15EX, a four-place intercom and audio panel combination ideal for HXr-equipped Experimental and Light-Sport aircraft with multiple radios.

"PS Engineering created the PRI30EX in response to requests of our HXr customers building VFR aircraft with single radios that did not need the full audio panel capability of the PAC15EX, but wished to have the high-quality remote intercom at an affordable price," said GRT Avionics marketing director, Katie Bosman. "We were able to work together to create a solution to our customers' needs, and we're thrilled that it comes with a price tag of under $500."

The PRI30EX is available from GRT Avionics and is exclusive to the Experimental and Light-Sport market. Its unique features and capabilities includes the legendary PS Engineering 4-place hi-fi stereo intercom with the original “Set it – Forget it” manual VOX control. The Pilot Isolate mode allows the copilot and up to two passengers the ability to talk to each other and listen to music while the pilot is concentrating on flying the airplane.

The high fidelity stereo music input incorporates a selectable “Karaoke Mode™” mute function, allowing the pilot to select the muting mode they desire for the in-flight entertainment. Three unswitched audio inputs for annunciations, provides the pilot capability of “piping-in” alerts and messages.

Although the PRI30EX has been designed and built to same quality standards as PS Engineering's FAA-approved units, the ability to forgo the expensive hardware and software certification process allows the PRI30EX to save the builder not only space, but money. According to PS Engineering’s Senior Design Engineer Peter Campbell, “In developing the PRI30EX, we have reduced our manufacturing and parts cost, which was key for making this remote mounted/EFIS controlled audio panel a financially viable solution. The additional costs of the associated digital hardware have been offset by these savings.”

GRT Avionics and its partner company, Grand Rapids Technologies, have been an industry leader in electronic flight instrumentation systems for experimental and light sport aircraft for over 20 years, manufacturing glass-cockpit EFIS and engine monitor systems in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Please visit for more information.

PS Engineering, Inc has been dedicated to the advancement of audio control systems for over a quarter of a century and has been responsible many of the innovations that the pilot community has seen in the art of audio. Founded in 1985, PS Engineering has become a leading manufacturer of general aviation intercoms and audio control systems. With a network of over 600 authorized dealer/installers worldwide, the company is a leader in retrofit avionics as well as original aircraft equipment installation.
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