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UVU School of Aviation Sciences receives approval for R-ATP certificate
Great news for UVU School of Aviation Sciences students! UVU recently received a letter of authorization from the FAA allowing graduates with a bachelor’s degree in aviation who meet specific flight training requirements to qualify for the Air Transport Pilot (ATP) Certificate at 1,000 hours total flight time (lowered from 1,500), through the Restricted ATP (R-ATP). Students earning an associate’s degree can qualify for the R-ATP at the reduced flight hour requirement of 1,250 hours.

This FAA approval attests to the quality of UVU’s flight training program and its uncompromising commitment to professionalism and safety.

“This gives graduates of our UVU Aviation Science program a huge advantage over students who are trained elsewhere. Being qualified to secure a job with any airline with 1/3 less flight hours than other pilots competing for the same jobs is a very significant advantage. We are pleased that UVU has earned this FAA approval, which will benefit our graduates considerably.” Captain Jim Green, Retired Airline Captain and Chair of the UVU School of Aviation Sciences.

Utah Valley University School of Aviation Sciences offers online and traditional degrees in aviation. Students can choose to complete a Bachelor of Science Degree with either an emphasis in Aviation Administration or as a Professional Pilot. Associate degree options are also available.

Students who are not able to attend UVU in person can complete either degree online, with the flight training portion of the professional pilot degree being completed conveniently at a local airport.

If you have questions, please stop by the UVU School of Aviation Sciences booth in the Education Center, # C 22 - 23 or contact Aviation Student Support at / 888-901-7192.
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